Chaka Farms is a diversified Farming, Nursery and Wellness Company. The company grows, markets and sells plants and Aloe Vera based consumer products including Aloe Vera Juice and Aloe Vera Gel.

Our mission  

"to ensure consistent profit from agriculture, high quality of life and more time to enjoy it!"

Our business is centred on three pillars of sustainability
  • Economic Viability
  • Environmental Stewardship and 
  • Social Responsibility
We have three primary Divisions:

1: Aloe Vera Growing and Sales Division
Chaka Farms, is a grower and seller of domestic Aloe Vera. We grow, pack, and ship Aloe Vera Plants, Aloe Vera Produce, and Bulk Aloe Vera Leaves to brokers, re-wholesalers and direct to many retailers throughout Kenya and the world. Our 15 acre Nursery facility is dedicated to Aloe Vera production, which has enabled us to be a premier marketer and seller in Aloe Vera market in East Africa.

2: Chaka Farms  Nursery Sales Division
Chaka Farms Nursery Division is in the business of growing selling horticulture products to the grocery, garden center, home improvement industries and mail order on a national level. The company currently has a 15 acre nursery facility located in Chaka which is used for growing as well as staging Plant orders for its customers.

3: Chaka Farms Aloe Vera Wellness Sales Division
Chaka Farms is in the business of formulating, marketing and selling Aloe Vera based wellness products. Aloe Vera based Dietary Supplements and Aloe Vera based Skin Care products currently are being marketed and sold through national retail and direct sales outlets.

The thinking!
The Plouging 
 The Seedlings
Preparing the Seedlings for Planting